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Valiant effort

I loved it =]
The fact is that this is awesome. The only thing that would make it better would be a major upgrade in rendering software and graphics.

You must have wrote this..

..on Vista.
Because it's slow as hell.

Flashmaker2010 responds:

I think you are right.


5 stars- just because the pig exploded :D
Good story and great use of the characters from Outset.
One drawback: it's a little late for Wind Waker movies.


Great movie.
But, the original style is lost.

Good effort, but-

It doesn't matter what kind of technology you may get your hands on, you're extremely likely to make it an indecipherable pile of horrid shapes. The song has an unfitting pick, to say the very least, and the volume chosen was horrible. This flash had no real plot and seemed to only exist because it parodied (awfully) Star Wars. I would recommend that next time (hopefully not) you make a flash, please use your own creativity and not try to copy or mimic anyone or anything else. Also, you may want to specially concentrate on improving your shadowing.
Overall, it wasn't very eye catching or interesting at all, which is what unfinished works and/or trailers should be.
Good effort for a twelve year old- 2/10

CanadaBCWarflash responds:

im 19 buds your prolly the one who is 12. Im true to my word what i say gana happen happen

Well it seems..

..that I may have confused Step Two and Step One . . .
Ah well.
Awesome flash :D

:D I love it

And the addition of the Phantom of the Opera music is awesome.

Sorry to burst your band-wagon bubble..

But this is not Parkour.
Parkour is the art of efficiently getting from point A to point B.
This is flashy-dancy-flippy stuff.
I would call it Reckless Ninja.
Besides that though, nice little story and keeps my attention, so pretty cool.

I like the music

Especially "The Blue Wrath" (Shawn of the Dead theme) :D
I liked the ending but it was a bit slow in the beginning.
Cool flash.

Awesome :D

Nice use of "Devastation's Doorway"
I like it a lot, but it would be cooler if it had some sound effects.

I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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