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I can be the first to notice this..

That's the theme from the market in Ocarina of Time! Cool game :D Steady as she goes :P

I had the same problems..

Great game, well set up. The music is entertaining and not at all distracting. The presentation is awesome as well, cool ship designs. I love the upgrade system, especially the income upgrade. Makes for good replay-ablility and a variety of play styles. Would be a ten if not for the current glitches. (Google Chrome browser)
Things to change:
1. No save feature, that gets slightly annoying when coming back to play more
2. The game slows down wayy to much if you go quickly from the upgrade screen to the gameplay or if too many enemies are on the screen.
3. Game stopped for me at the 450 mile mark.
4. Music synchronization could be a little better; the drastic changes from cruising to boss time are flow killing.
Other than that, great game. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.


The controls are a bit wonky, and the physics are completely broken, but I think it was fun. I also like the fact that your sprites don't suck. =]
Overall fun, but it couldn't last long.
Seems like it may be an awesome game with a little more work.

samkrfc responds:

I know it won't last long it's addicting for alittle while but its for a 1st game it's alright, the contols are a little wonky the physics are not broking if you think about if your in a plane that goes 14 times faster than the speed of light a little tap will make you crash easyer.Sorry for essay, Thanks for the sprite commet.

Ok.. besides the fan boys.

The main music is annoying because it repeats and starts over too often.
The song choice is alright, not so great.
Notes on the board often don't match the song on any level.
The timing is off visually.

Overall, it was fun for 5 minutes, but-
Anyone who loves it is a complete, shut-in, tree turd.

Great game, BUT

It's really hard to play when it starts getting choppy. Even in pop-up mode, changing colors makes the game slow and break up. I have never had a problem with this internet and game speeds even with MMORPGs or any other online entertainment, so I would just like to notify you that the game gets increasingly choppy as the levels get higher. Also, I have a question. When you let the elevator music run, is it supposed to get static and inconsistent?


This would make perfect sense to me... If I spoke more Swedish and Latin. This is still an awesome tool and good practice for three crazy languages- including music. Good job, maybe make a full English one. lol

The bugs..

They don't exist. Nicely put together and everything, but the game is.. buggyless. Big glitch: no bugs to catpure.

tightywhitey1 responds:

The issue is fixed now! Thanks for the report

Just to let you know..

You spelled "greet" as "great" in the Flagging Flash third slide. Also, point six in Other Info needs a comma before "I don't believe". Other than that, awesome flash :D I look forward to increasing my whistle prowess.

Little-Rena responds:

Grammars I dont the like it

For those of you that have problems with this game

Figure it out. Options. Look at em. Make changes as necessary. And the Rosemary is a flintlock, making it a single fire pistol. Great game, very accurate to real gun standards. And Prestige Mode was a good idea.

The title..

..is correct as is, you hippie.
Anyways, good game for ten seconds. Adequate for Flash standards.

I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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