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The sound is a bit played out. Generic even. This song is screaming, "YOU MAKE SADS NOW." It just doesn't do anything for me. The movements are alright, but it just seems like BG music for a low-budget anime. I feel like I've heard this before even. It's alright overall, just doesn't bring anything too deep or new to the table.

MarkySpark responds:

"It's alright overall" will do for me.

It's alright, but much appreciation if you would refrain from using presets. It makes it so your sound is cheap. Very repetitive, stays in one spot musically, but alright.

Hades369 responds:

Thank you, i usually go through and change up some presets and start from scratch, so i'll be doing that with the final product. A lot of things will change, and i'm currently in a new process of learning, so nothing is concrete right now. Thanks again.

- Psynatra

Definitely excellent :D

I love the hybrid approach and perspective you took with this track. Excellent mix of sounds as well. It's one of the clearest and most concise songs I've heard in terms of instrument definition. I must admit it would be fitting music for a game, but it's certainly not background music. Loving the tones, great work.

Gravey responds:

Thanks my friend. Appreciate the time you took to leave your thoughts.



The loud and hard drums are what give this song its DnB feel. It makes the piano sound even better and that bassy trembalo thing stand out more. Good use of musical range, all the instruments have their own place in the register. Great job on originality and non-crapness, well composed art here. :D

dietsnapple135 responds:

Thank you sir! Well composed Review :3


Did the song no justice. The beat is to fractured to line up with the melody. A straight beat here would've been smart, because it would have given the melody's rhythm some foundation. You chopped this song's tail off, because it's lost it's balance. I agree with trainx3000, this is not a remix, it's a joke. Good luck in the future. Try to stay away from big names to avoid disgracing yourself.

djhoohaa responds:


Call it..

.."I'm trying to blow your brains out."
Because it hurts. It hurts like-a the brain hammers.

cky12qxz responds:

I guess you're a virgin to drone and noise music.


Great DnB freerun feel. This song would fit well in a chase scene. It is still very repetitive from a musical standpoint, but it's in DnB format, so it's to be expected. Great overall sound, using the drumloop as a hook is a great idea. The only thing I'd like to note is that it's called a shamisen, but I guess that's no biggie.

YouriX responds:

Thank you for the compliments. Also yes i know is Shamisen but i cant change the name since its been used in a flash. :)


Isn't starting new projects supposed to be the hard part?
All of these are pretty solid songs, though some have a bit more potential than others.
As far as a real review goes, it's hard to critique 20 half-songs. But, I will say this, outstanding works in progress.
Your instrumentation as always is the real hook and attention keeper.
Keep on wobblin'. lol.

xKore responds:

Im good at starting new things and making something 30 seconds long. Making full songs on the other hand is the hard part for me :c

Twas beautiful

One definite note- maybe make that glitch a bit shorter and the flow more concentrated at the end.
The orchestration was simple and elegant, but provided enough of a somber tone to call it Requiem. The first instance of dubstep seemed a little bit like a baby wailing on Mike Tyson. The bass was there, but it just seemed a tad ineffective.
Great crossover; the glitch calls great attention to the beautiful electric symphony at the end, the strings are as majestic as they are powerful.
Overall perfect- but the noise second drop could be nulled a bit.

broove responds:

I'm aware that some people would dislike the glitch or want to have it shorter; just as some would like this tune and some - dislike it - and that's perfectly fine. As for the "ineffective" parts - that could be caused by the my amateurish mixing skills, which is still a pain in the ass for me.
Thank you for a great review, man

Me likey :D

I loved the Greensleeves intro and the guitars were well placed and sounded great. The percussion was a little light, but it fits your style and that's admirable. Also, the tempo change and guitar solo was a great idea, but the ending just puts too much cheese in my ears. lol.
Awesome overall song, but I wouldn't see myself coming back to it next Christmas/Holiday Season to pay homage. It's novel, but not as classic as the original.
Keep it up =]
-Mr. Danger

Gravey responds:

Fair enough. Not everyone is going to just love every song. So I'm ok with that. Good that you enjoyed it nonetheless. ;-)

Thanks for the review.


I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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