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Hell yes Copters!!

I like it a lot. I would have critiques.. but this fits your style perfectly and I'm sure it would do fine in place of Sensei's old theme. lol. Good job, excellent song choice.

Jake needs moar METAL!

This does fit Jake pretty well :D but, I think it needs a little more bass kick and defined rhythm. Overall, pretty kickass.

I like it

A good morph of originality and Blue Oyster Cult :D

Thank you

for the acoustic weaponry.

You didn't reply..

..to that guy VVV

I like this :D

Pretty cool and peaceful. Enjoyed the ending as well.
BTW, if you buy a MicroSD card with a SD card adapter you can take files from your comp and put them on your phone.

itay390 responds:

thanks, i'm not sure that would have been possible with that phone. it's like one of those old phones with some legacy connector to it. i doubt the memory in there is "SD card memory".
but i got rid of that old phone now, so basically what is left is the music.
if you somehow eventually read this, can i ask you how did you find this song, if after you publish the song and it disappears in the "entry song list", then you no longer get exposure. so how did you find this song such a long time after i published?

Reminds me of..

..Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door

Holy James Mackelroy...

This song has true musical power and technique behind it and infused all throughout it.
Out of the 5,000 plus songs that I know and love, this has become my new absolute favorite.
Fived, Ten'd, Favorited, Downloaded.

Ozzy93 responds:

Thanks bro!


Just a heads up, too. The sample was called "Anything Goes" originally.
Sweet beat, I like the way it flows.

I like this a lot :D

You should have a link to the video though, lol.

I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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