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Nice groove

The definition of lite neurotic piano.. lol. Overall pretty awesome, could have done a little more with the percussion. I enjoyed the "hey" though. :D And the single synth that plays over the rhythm could have a bit more variation, too. Very well put together song. Keep it up.

Hangar18 responds:

thanks man :]

This seems like..

Something that AC/DC's teenage children would like! A modern version of their parents' work :D With the same theme... PARTY!!! Very nice work Mr. S, I especially like the crisp snare and thunder FX. Gives the song an extra kick.

Semaphore responds:

thank you very much BillyDanger

I like it..

But, it needs a real name lol. Besides that its got good form for the most part, the rhythm at about 50 seconds kinda breaks your flow, but it all works out in a strange, off-beat way. The bass line especially could be more varied.


This is some pretty generic and un-moving stuff for a slow piano piece. It's a bit short too. See Animus Intorqueo for inspiration.

FEAST responds:

"Animus Introqueo" is anything but "slow piano". I can only assume you just dont like slow piano (or even know what it is) and think that all slow piano is bad and generic.

I really didn't dig the Animus Introqueo (the stuff in your favorite audio section) and personally think it lacks any sort of musicality. As far as piano goes, its not exactly "moving stuff" either. Good piano or not - it is NOT "moving".


I'm starting to think that maybe I should be seeing your stuff for inspiration because it is SOOOO good.

Anyways, thanks for the review, prick.

Pretty good

It's alright, but you ripped A LOT from the Mortal Kombat theme.

Battleshipt responds:

Seriously? I have never played mortal combat before......Let me go listen to it because I didn't know it sounded like this...


skjsndfjvounsekjhvfvdfknakbnajvxf!! ivnsifuvvwe?

Gets Annoying..

..Pretty quickly.
Not a zero because:
Had a solid break beat
Wasn't rap


People get rich MAKING FUN of what you do. That's how whack it is.


Isn't all about eighth notes and faster. Try to mix it up a bit more and make a more discernible melody aside from the chorus riff part. Also, I hope you have been working on transitions, because going back down to tonic for a full stop and then picking up with the chorus breaks up the flow and dynamics in a song.
Alright job overall, but it does sound a bit unfinished and needs some more detail.

Noooooo :D

Not raisins! ... and not Billy! Anyways, nice job on putting this together. I especially like the backing tracks on this one. Fuckin raisins.

I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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