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Holy s**t.
Right after "BASS" is where I shat myself.

As only magnets can deliver

Vibrations underground :D
Another kickass tune from Matt. You have yet to disappoint me.
Catchy as all hell, but it has enough substance to keep my attention.
Nice work, once again.

Me likey :D

I loved the Greensleeves intro and the guitars were well placed and sounded great. The percussion was a little light, but it fits your style and that's admirable. Also, the tempo change and guitar solo was a great idea, but the ending just puts too much cheese in my ears. lol.
Awesome overall song, but I wouldn't see myself coming back to it next Christmas/Holiday Season to pay homage. It's novel, but not as classic as the original.
Keep it up =]
-Mr. Danger

Gravey responds:

Fair enough. Not everyone is going to just love every song. So I'm ok with that. Good that you enjoyed it nonetheless. ;-)

Thanks for the review.



You're so dark.

war-spawn responds:


People like this because

it sounds like Final Fantasy.
Good overall feel though.

Step responds:

Don't know why you think it sounds like Final Fantasy, but thanks nevertheless.


The part a little before the middle sounds like a HUGE fart, but in addition to that, I love it =] This sounds like a theme song for a mass murderer with SWAGGER :D
Awesome feel and overall effect.
Nice fart noises too.

axeFX responds:

haha. But they're grimey farts, which makes them cool.


Excellent percussion, I love the build-up. The piano riff is a little simple and could be a little more catchy. The cello is a bit choppy but it fits with the later portion of the song.

Great solid foundation of a song but all it needs is some flair within the melody. Kinda simple but good overall sound.

Sounds like..

Some of the better Bloodhound Gang stuff. Nice riffs.
Awesome intro, hooked me right away. Solid work.

crystalmetropolis responds:

Thanks, once it's done, it'll be better.


Someone got a Sonic Adventure 2 remix right :D
No more of that Metal Harbor BS. Excellent song choice.
The synth in the background could use a little sharper tone and the bass is way to fat for my speakers, but besides that, awesome remix.
And props for actually knowing the name of the song.


I love how someone made a techno cover of this song and it got them to this week's Top 5. That's a great testament to how grand this track is and has become. A relaxingly dark progression with sparks of fresh and lovely piano set over crisp percussion make for something truly beautiful. Excellent work.

I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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