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This goes so well with..

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/137566
For some reason, it works.


This is the silliest, dopiest, and one of the most well put together songs on Newgrounds :D If it weren't for NG Radio, I woulda never found this gem :D Keep rocking with a socks on your head and stuff.


I don't even really like this, but MadFLex f**ked Cynic up.
Quit now, Cynic.

Not original

No beat is ever original. I can guarantee it's been used before.
Anyway, this song is okey. It's highly repetitive and wears thin upon the first time hearing it. Ineffective bass and an alright melody line.
Overall, great effort, but it seems like you're trying to hard to play what you think others want to hear. Needs improvement in style, progression, and instrumentation.


Isn't starting new projects supposed to be the hard part?
All of these are pretty solid songs, though some have a bit more potential than others.
As far as a real review goes, it's hard to critique 20 half-songs. But, I will say this, outstanding works in progress.
Your instrumentation as always is the real hook and attention keeper.
Keep on wobblin'. lol.

xKore responds:

Im good at starting new things and making something 30 seconds long. Making full songs on the other hand is the hard part for me :c

Twas beautiful

One definite note- maybe make that glitch a bit shorter and the flow more concentrated at the end.
The orchestration was simple and elegant, but provided enough of a somber tone to call it Requiem. The first instance of dubstep seemed a little bit like a baby wailing on Mike Tyson. The bass was there, but it just seemed a tad ineffective.
Great crossover; the glitch calls great attention to the beautiful electric symphony at the end, the strings are as majestic as they are powerful.
Overall perfect- but the noise second drop could be nulled a bit.

broove responds:

I'm aware that some people would dislike the glitch or want to have it shorter; just as some would like this tune and some - dislike it - and that's perfectly fine. As for the "ineffective" parts - that could be caused by the my amateurish mixing skills, which is still a pain in the ass for me.
Thank you for a great review, man

Arigato, Koru-san.

Sounds better than before. No offense, Fripside.
The intro is a wee bit stale, but the twists make up for that quickly.
Good quality and solid for the time it took.
Nice remixu.


I agree with Nechura as well.
The vocals are what gives it relevance. Her voice gives it the emotional surge that music thrives on.
Musically, I think it's a bit repetitive, but welcome to trance. lol. Other than that, it's brilliant and enrapturing.

If you need a lesson..

The top number in time signature is the number of beats in a measure.
The bottom number is the value of the notes in a measure.
Example- 4/4 = Four quarter notes per measure
5/4 = Five quarter notes per measure
4/8 = Two quarter notes per measure
This sounds like 7/4.
I like it :D It's unique.


You, sir, have my vote for U.S. President. :D

I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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