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The loud and hard drums are what give this song its DnB feel. It makes the piano sound even better and that bassy trembalo thing stand out more. Good use of musical range, all the instruments have their own place in the register. Great job on originality and non-crapness, well composed art here. :D

dietsnapple135 responds:

Thank you sir! Well composed Review :3


Did the song no justice. The beat is to fractured to line up with the melody. A straight beat here would've been smart, because it would have given the melody's rhythm some foundation. You chopped this song's tail off, because it's lost it's balance. I agree with trainx3000, this is not a remix, it's a joke. Good luck in the future. Try to stay away from big names to avoid disgracing yourself.

djhoohaa responds:



FINALLY! The true art music is returning to Newgrounds :D Thank you

It's lovely

But, it seems like it needs lyrics.
Overall great mixing and and composing. Good percussion, it really compliments the feel.
One drawback is that the guitar clashes with the synth a bit. It almost divides the songs focus in half. If the guitar was a little warmer it would fit right in. Just my opinion.
Awesome song though =]

I don't know.

You kinda lost me there. Nice intro, shows good skill. But, it was too mellow. Not enough overall energy.
I'm not at all saying it was too chill, I'm saying it lacked passion. It might just be the tempo, it just feels like it's bland.
Excellent instrumentation, as always. The bass and rhythm is solid and the melody is nice enough. Just in my opinion it's missing a whole lot of awesome.

Call it..

.."I'm trying to blow your brains out."
Because it hurts. It hurts like-a the brain hammers.

cky12qxz responds:

I guess you're a virgin to drone and noise music.


F**king robo-spiders! :D
It's brilliant. I love it.
The intro creeps along and brings the concept of a spider, and then the wobbles come in and the spider turn vicious, robotic, and multiplies into billions! :D
The beat is more than admirable. The rhythm is excellent.
The percussion is beautiful :D
Overall an amazing song that's comparable your remix of Overload.
Awesome groove.


It's already been one hell of a day and it's only 5:30, but this song almost made me cry. It's quite beautiful. It's beyond the league of modern day composers and my vote is for its regard to be of the highest caliber. You're scratching at the door of musical perfection.
The flow is precise in a way that gives the song almost a life of its own; a breathing pattern.
The piano and added heartbeat create the illusion that one is already familiar with your song, even on the first listen. Great instrument choice, classic.
Your rhythm is slow, broad, and stagnant; yet forcefully moving in a great way.
Overall, a beautiful song to say the least and I feel that it will never fit in with the rest of NG, but it certainly shines here.


Great DnB freerun feel. This song would fit well in a chase scene. It is still very repetitive from a musical standpoint, but it's in DnB format, so it's to be expected. Great overall sound, using the drumloop as a hook is a great idea. The only thing I'd like to note is that it's called a shamisen, but I guess that's no biggie.

YouriX responds:

Thank you for the compliments. Also yes i know is Shamisen but i cant change the name since its been used in a flash. :)

This is amazing when played along side..

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/137566
Really, it's fantastic.

I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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