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The sound is a bit played out. Generic even. This song is screaming, "YOU MAKE SADS NOW." It just doesn't do anything for me. The movements are alright, but it just seems like BG music for a low-budget anime. I feel like I've heard this before even. It's alright overall, just doesn't bring anything too deep or new to the table.

MarkySpark responds:

"It's alright overall" will do for me.

It's alright, but much appreciation if you would refrain from using presets. It makes it so your sound is cheap. Very repetitive, stays in one spot musically, but alright.

Hades369 responds:

Thank you, i usually go through and change up some presets and start from scratch, so i'll be doing that with the final product. A lot of things will change, and i'm currently in a new process of learning, so nothing is concrete right now. Thanks again.

- Psynatra

Baahahahaa "My Pussy"
Sidebar: You might also enjoy Ryan Seacrest's Vagina

It's . . . POWERDUB :D Great work on this one. I really like the perspective you gave the song. Awesome as always =]

Definitely excellent :D

I love the hybrid approach and perspective you took with this track. Excellent mix of sounds as well. It's one of the clearest and most concise songs I've heard in terms of instrument definition. I must admit it would be fitting music for a game, but it's certainly not background music. Loving the tones, great work.

Gravey responds:

Thanks my friend. Appreciate the time you took to leave your thoughts.



..the guy below me.
This song is amazing. Excellent flow and the serenity near the end adds greatly to it. This song is the perfect soundtrack to a one-time irreproducible event that breaks all previous assumptions of normality. Anyone that has seen the episode of Futurama in which the cast gets $300 back from the government, knows what I am talking about. The serene part in this soung (which *that guy* below couldn't even spell, much less grasp in emotionally charged music piece), would be right around the mark where Fry slows time, saves his friends, and finds inner peace all in one caffeine-induced super-moment.
Anyways, it's an excellent song and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

You're right..

...you do blow.

Needs more..

music theory.
Good effort though. Not bad, but the tones are too detuned and the melody crosses through 3 different keys each time it repeats. Alright percussion.

Haahahahahaa :D

Bloody fking dirty :D I love it. Great stuff. The bass accentuates the crazy growl just right and the hard synth works itself right in there. Also, excellent use of Nukem. Keep it up, Broseph Stalin.

Learning Japanese?

Great song, has a bit of a Metroid Prime influence to it. Great job.

I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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