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Valiant effort

I loved it =]
The fact is that this is awesome. The only thing that would make it better would be a major upgrade in rendering software and graphics.

You must have wrote this..

..on Vista.
Because it's slow as hell.

Flashmaker2010 responds:

I think you are right.


5 stars- just because the pig exploded :D
Good story and great use of the characters from Outset.
One drawback: it's a little late for Wind Waker movies.

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I can be the first to notice this..

That's the theme from the market in Ocarina of Time! Cool game :D Steady as she goes :P

I had the same problems..

Great game, well set up. The music is entertaining and not at all distracting. The presentation is awesome as well, cool ship designs. I love the upgrade system, especially the income upgrade. Makes for good replay-ablility and a variety of play styles. Would be a ten if not for the current glitches. (Google Chrome browser)
Things to change:
1. No save feature, that gets slightly annoying when coming back to play more
2. The game slows down wayy to much if you go quickly from the upgrade screen to the gameplay or if too many enemies are on the screen.
3. Game stopped for me at the 450 mile mark.
4. Music synchronization could be a little better; the drastic changes from cruising to boss time are flow killing.
Other than that, great game. I look forward to seeing what you do with it.


The controls are a bit wonky, and the physics are completely broken, but I think it was fun. I also like the fact that your sprites don't suck. =]
Overall fun, but it couldn't last long.
Seems like it may be an awesome game with a little more work.

samkrfc responds:

I know it won't last long it's addicting for alittle while but its for a 1st game it's alright, the contols are a little wonky the physics are not broking if you think about if your in a plane that goes 14 times faster than the speed of light a little tap will make you crash easyer.Sorry for essay, Thanks for the sprite commet.

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The sound is a bit played out. Generic even. This song is screaming, "YOU MAKE SADS NOW." It just doesn't do anything for me. The movements are alright, but it just seems like BG music for a low-budget anime. I feel like I've heard this before even. It's alright overall, just doesn't bring anything too deep or new to the table.

MarkySpark responds:

"It's alright overall" will do for me.

It's alright, but much appreciation if you would refrain from using presets. It makes it so your sound is cheap. Very repetitive, stays in one spot musically, but alright.

Hades369 responds:

Thank you, i usually go through and change up some presets and start from scratch, so i'll be doing that with the final product. A lot of things will change, and i'm currently in a new process of learning, so nothing is concrete right now. Thanks again.

- Psynatra

Baahahahaa "My Pussy"
Sidebar: You might also enjoy Ryan Seacrest's Vagina

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I like the bat wings.
Wicked picture.

I think..

It's lovely and in clear proportions.
He only looks short and stubby because of the grand setting he is in.
As far as portrayal goes though.. he is completely out of character.
Overall a great picture. :D

Neilss1234 responds:

Hehe i tried to just imagine the sense of pride he would have had if he had suceeded, obiously big ben wasnt around at that time the parlament building was just a plain old builiding but i thought this would bring it into some modern context :D


Loved this game!
Could use a little more detail on the eyes and her feet are kinda lumpy, but whose aren't?
Awesome pic. Takes talent.

I don't like to talk about myself much. So, I won't. :D

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